Training & Nutrition


I invite you to get your health and body back. Recover from your existing health issues using a hollistic way and rebuild your body with purely natural nutrition.

I will navigate you on the right track during our Skype consultations, just choose a topic that is important or interests you and schedule your call today. A 30-minute call costs 30 USD* and you'll get my eBook completely free!



I love vegan way of living. To me veganism is about “pure”, about living in harmony with nature and all the living creatures. It’s also my belief that such regimen is beneficial for the body: You'll have more energy and recover better after your workouts. You'll just feel lighter yet stronger.


The VeganBuilding Nutrition and Workout program is a complete source for vegetarians/vegans and vegans to be, that will provide you with the solid basis for rebuilding your body.


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Eating Disorders Full Recovery


Eating disorder was my best friend and worst enemy for 13 long years, and after almost 5 years of successful recovery without relapse, I’d like to help you redefine your relationship to food and to your body. One in five women suffers from an eating disorder: look around right now...the woman can be your sister, your partner, your best friend, your mother or your co-worker. Or is it you??


I wish I had known then a fraction of what I know now; it would have saved me a lot of pain. That’s why I’ve decided to share my experience with you: my research, my healing process and eventual successful transformation. I'll help you go through a lifestyle overhaul, and your reality will begin to shift rapidly over the course of several weeks to months. You'll start healing and will gain lifetime benefits from our sessions. And most importantly, you’ll never step into the same river again.


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Natural Acne Treatment


If you're not a teenager and still have acne, the chances are that there is something going wrong inside your body. If eyes are a mirror to your soul, then your skin is a mirror to your health.


If you're mentally and financially exhausted of trying all the cosmetics there is on the market, if you'd like to heal using an effective and hollistic strategy for treating and healing severe acne on your face, chest, back etc., I'm here to help. I know what you've been through, I understand how confidence undermining the experience can be.


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