Simplicity = Best Health + Weight Stability

People had generally accepted the theory that strict diet and relentless workout program are the only way how to stay healthy and fit and that you need to become almost obsessed with nutrition and exercise. This is so not true...

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...and in addition it sets them automatically for failure because those words simply equal restriction and sweat, which equals to “difficult” for most people.

The problem with healthy lifestyle today is it’s made out to be so complicated and confusing that nobody knows what to believe anymore. It’s not about improving our well being anymore rather than on getting us to buy one product over another and transform us to constant customers. First they show you the delicious warm crusty pizza, then a Lady Skinny in bikini or Hulk-like Adonis and here comes something to make you look just like them! And here comes the consuming consumer circle… It all works backwards – it’s not about finding a solution for a problem or demand, but about creating a problem or demand so that a solution can be sold. You need to decide whether you’re going to be a part of it.

You see, from a marketing point of view, eating real foods is not so attractive because it’s not profitable. From a pharmaceutical point of view, it’s basically devastating as there’s no cure for healthy people. And from weight-loss industry point of view, eating right and using your own body weight to exercise is not sufficient, because you definitely need to buy that new machine, new program and new fat burner which is so different and contains a special ingredient that will cause your fat take to its heels and run away right after your order confirmation! They always offer something extraordinary no one has ever seen and done before and it’s going to work, 1000% guaranteed. Somewhere along the way, in between all that marketing mess we were lead to believe that weight loss is something we need to think of every single day, and it always requires someone or something external to help you. Unfortunately, the only truth about keeping a healthy body weight is that there is no shortcut. And, despite some people say, you’ll simply lose weight by taking supplement X or follow diet Y or exercise routine Z. Why do we believe that? You could even get the fat cut right off your body in a surgery, and it still doesn’t guarantee you a permanent weight loss because until you change your habits, you’ll put it right back on.

We’re constantly pushed to losing weight instead of focusing on keeping a healthy body and healthy body weight without going through ups and down and extreme methods. The simplest truth of the matter is that we need to think about our lives instead of our weight loss, and there’s actually no need for weight loss, if you realize and make peace with the fact that it all comes down to you and the choices you make.

Why instead of special eating and special training don’t you just try to eat better and move more? Just simple food, simple workout. Back to basics. It doesn’t sound too attractive, like it really works. Or does it?? The less complicated your regimen is, the better its chances of helping you get well, provide sufficient nutrition for healthy bones, muscles, organs and mind. Keeping a healthy and stable body weight is not a mystery, and the fundamentals have never changed. You only need to eat what your body needs in order to deliver nutrients to all your organs. That’s it. Sure, sometimes we eat for pleasure, like on a birthday party, or a nice dinner with a spouse or other occasions with our loved ones and those moments should be cherished and food savored, but not used to stuff yourself like a turkey. However one "bad" meal or one such occasion won't make you fat, just like one "good" meal won't make you skinny. Balance is the king and calorie adequacy equals weight stability, but that’s just one part of the equation. Another one and I dare to say even more important one is nutrient adequacy, because that equals healthy and strong body as well as weight stability, therefore no concerns to get to back to your eating disorder. When talking about adequacy, we might as well talk about what’s adequate portion; however such a thing is very hard to define. Simply put, adequate portion is eating the amount of food necessary to reach your overall health and optimal bodyweight, while doing your best to make smart food choices that include nutrients’ variety. Which brings us back to eating responsibly for yourself: Pushing yourself to train or eat in a way predetermined by someone else or restrain yourself of certain foods can actually worsen your chances of getting better. Your ancestry, your geography, your personal preferences, as well as your personal goals will define what “optimal” is to you. It’s impossible to define it in one way for everyone in the world.

That’s why you need to focus on you and figure out what works for you and mainly listen to your body; it really is smarter than you think. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. And that includes taking care of your physical and emotional health as well. So simplify your thinking, your eating habits and your workout regime and you’ll see just how much the simplicity can change your life.

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