Hungry Mind, Hungry Stomach

Spirituality is something that many people refuse or try to keep some distance from. Some laugh at it; others consider it some kind of woo-doo or say they don’t have time to be spiritual. Really?

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So were we born only to go to school, to work, for couple of vacations and then die? Isn’t the whole purpose of our existence on this planet to actually enjoy it? Of course, in order to make a living, there are certain responsibilities, but too many of us are too empty inside, just walking through life like zombies, doing things automatically without actually thinking what we’d like to do. We don’t find any time to stop and ask “what do I want in my life?” I don’t like to put it the way it usually is: “what do I want from life”, because life is not supposed to give you anything; it’s always you and only you who needs to bring things to it, because they’re what you want. You need to go out there and make an effort to get what you want, and obviously I’m not talking just about material things. Since most people have the “give me” attitude; there’s no wonder they have to stuff themselves to fill that emptiness. It’s so comfortable to lie in front of the TV and keep eating to the point when you can barely breathe, your blood rushing through your body and you feel sooooo good because you don’t have to think about anything…

We just take every opportunity so that we don’t have to think about what’s important in our lives – TV, internet, social media, emails, texting, apps, tabloids, loud music in your car or iPod wherever you go, even for jogging…simply occupy your mind with everything else instead of calming it. There is no place for silence in our lives anymore because what if in that silence a question “what could I do about my current situation” popped out? And I’m not judging right now. I used to be like that and it got me nowhere until I finally decided I wanted my life back. Unfortunately many people weren’t as lucky as I was and ended it before they even asked themselves that question.

There are so many wonderful paths that can be explored, many theories and religions you can study and choose from, and it only matters what you find valuable for yourself, what suits you. Take time to research, read articles or watch interviews with people who teach something meaningful and get encouraged. Because you can be dragged by everyday news this world feeds you, or you can start living your own life based on your values and be happy rather than trying to conform to external standards and the approval of others. Once you start feeding your mind with valuable information, the mental, physical and emotional turmoil you usually feel will slowly become more and more stable until you reach the balance and very few things will upset you.

Striving for internal body balance is the key to successful, long-term happiness because there will be many moments in your future that will be difficult to handle, and you’ll need it like a salt in order to prevent any negative emotions. It is not going to take days or weeks to reach it, most probably several months to a year or two, but hey, if you’re twenty or thirty or forty years old now, you have about forty to sixty more years to go. Isn’t it worth it?

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