Beat Eating Disorder



Our society lives on a sick edge when it comes to health and beauty, and the only thing that people are so concerned about is "skinny or fat, body and looks". They kind of forgot that it's actually supposed to be about healthy vs. unhealthy and it all became about the outside rather than the inside.


I suffered from bulimia nervosa and excessive exercise disorder for 13 years and during the last  5 years of full recovery made me re-evaluate many things in life. I can't express how happy I am about the positive changes that I made happen. I'm familiar with your never-ending train of thoughts: hatred vs. love towards yourself, mixture of fear and hope and happiness and fear again.


Let me help you reprogram your mind and start thinking about yourself in a brand new way. You'll learn how to nurture your body and create a balance so that you can enjoy life.


I will navigate you on the right track during our Skype consultations. A 30-minute call costs 30 USD* and you'll get my eBook for free!


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