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“I stumbled upon this book while searching for vegan bodybuilding information. What I found was an easier approach to what I thought would be difficult. I do plan to keep the guidelines close by for frequent referencing.”  Sheila Scott

“I really appreciated the easy to follow insights from the author. Looking forward to implementing them into my daily life. I am a busy mom and having it broke down into a format that not only I can read through quickly but also quickly utilize was very helpful!”  Angie Pickering

“Very informative book. It induces to a right diet without the necessity of involving animal products in my diet. Recommend this e-book for all animal lovers who care about their health.”  David Samso-Aparici

“Jana has done an excellent job on writing this book. I totally got it, was so strong and honest with great inspiration for anyone who wants to stop binging or compulsive eating or whatever your disorders are in connection with eating. It had to be one of the best books on eating disorders that I have read. Thanks for keeping it real, Jana!  Angela, Amazon review

The Guide To Vegan Bodybuilding, Vegan Nutrition and Body Fat Loss

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The Fittest Vegan
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“This book answered my questions - strategy is very simple as for nutrition, exercise, sleep and other important things. It helped me understand basic biology and physics facts that I had no idea about before. I started to apply that right after finishing the book. Thanks a lot.”  Andrea T.

“This ebook gets to the point without wasting time and hundreds of pages to get you going on the right track, it presents a plan people can easily follow without spending countless of hours at the Gym and following a complicated or unsustainable nutrition plan.”  Salvador Nunez

“Very informative. I'm thinking of taking the 30 day challenge. I am already vegan but I am skinny fat like she was and would like some definition. I would do anything for abs."   Debora D. Hall

“Dear Jana, I really admire what you have chosen to do with your life. I do not have the time to read the entire book, I did read pieces of it and I do not have any comment other than – great. With love, David.”

David Ure, Landmark​ Worldwide Faculty

“I really did get a lot from the book it kept me interested with a lot of ideas to keep my mind healthy and on track. Thanks again for your insight:-) Kelly Forbes

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 The Truth About
Eating Disorders

“I really found this book helpful. I enjoyed learning new ways to look at my situation and learn from them. Great read and very resourceful.” Linda Hicks

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 The Mirror
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